Man will forever be in torment. We have been cursed with something we honor so much. Hail as the defining trait of a higher species. Yet we trade one scream for another in the darkest moments of night. We wage wars in minds that barely see the light of day. We begin foundations that we expect others to complete just to cast them aside when they put one scratch in the paint. What does it mean to be human? Is it really as glorious as we boast? Is there a greater meaning or has the wolf ticket been marketed so well that the warning label seems like just another unnecessary minute of reading? I am no perfect man. I am no perfect person. I do not have all the answers but how difficult can it be to see a painting as a whole when you are not face to face with it? When you are not focusing on just the finer points of now but letting what was and what can be into the picture? The sacrifices of today could be the destruction of what you want tomorrow. Ask yourself, “is this what my Mona Lisa should be? Have the ever so subtle swirls of my Van Gogh echoed so flawlessly as I had dreamed?” When you can gaze upon your future masterpiece as it sits on the easle as just a work in progress, and only after countless rough drafts, will you be able to see the true fruits of your labor. Live in the now all you want, but you could be ignoring the lessons of yesterday and denying the rewards of tomorrow!

I am getting pretty fucking irritated with how many “feminists” spawned over night because of what happened in Santa Barbara. It is EVEN MORE irritating how irrational a lot of them are being about it. How fucking retarded are you to hold ALL men accountable? How unreasonable are you for getting mad at the fact that a lot of us have simply stated “all men are not like that?” Go fuck yourself! At the very core of this you know what is to blame? A psychopathic fuck head who pretty much had it made but was so pussy he couldn’t take rejection from women. That’s it! Not men, not guns, not the friend zone, or any of that shit. I am sorry but most of those women are hypocritical as fuck. Want equality yet still expect doors opened for them and all that. You know what equal means? TRULY means? It means you no longer get special treatment or a soap box to bitch about things anymore. That’s what it means. Chivalry is dead because you want it to be so. That is a result of you wanting equality. Fuck off with the man hate. A shitty thing happened and all you see is ammo for your unreasonable agenda. You want to be like that then lets have all the men who don’t do that stop being good men. We will stop checking stupid ass dudes who do what you bitch about. We will stop trying to be the example. Lets do all that and see how different things are! To all you women who think properly and are not irrational, thank you! All you pussy ads dudes who can’t take rejection should grow a fucking pair and do a little thing called GO MEET PEOPLE. Sitting at home crying about it does nothing. Focker out!